About Us

Objectives of the Ottawa Tamil Association

To contribute to the Canadian Value, the association shall:

  • Engage in community promotions, meetings, events, and fundraising for the betterment of the community.
  • Advocate for justice, human rights, and peace.
  • Engage with other organizations to promote human rights and justice for Tamils worldwide.
  • Engage and encourage Ottawa Tamil community involvement in all (three) levels of government.
  • Foster and promote harmony and a better understanding and appreciation of the democratic process in governance and setting of Canadian life


Since 2011, the Group of Ottawa Tamils has been actively supporting human rights and justice for Eelam Tamils efforts such as No Fire Zone documentary projects, sponsoring human rights conferences and coordinating events and meetings with other human rights groups, politicians, and Tamil organizations.

In 2014, it was felt that there was a lack of Tamil organization focus in Ottawa to promote justice and human rights, especially when there was a need to raise awareness for an international independent investigation of Sri Lanka’s war crimes and crimes against humanity. To fill the vacuum and necessity to organize and coordinate events, meet politicians, etc., the group of volunteers formed the Ottawa Tamil Association as a member-driven organization. To expand its activities and facilitate future projects, OTA was registered as a non-profit organization in 2015.

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