2015 OTA Events

1. Introducing 2015 ‘No Fire Zone’ impact distribution project launched by Mr. Callum Macrae
2. Explanation of the importance of the above project
3. Introduction of the book: ‘Sri Lanka: Hiding the Elephant’
4. Discussion + Q&A


Tamil Diaspora has been calling for International independent investigation on Sri Lanka’s war crimes and crimes against humanity since 2009. There were several efforts and support for this call by Ottawa Tamils and Tamil Canadians in general in the past 5 years. While United Nations Human Rights Council investigation on Sri Lanka’s report is expected in March this year, it is important to call for justice and tangible actions.

Mr. Callum Macrae is looking for support from Human Rights supporters around the world for his second updated release of No Fire Zone project. His previous project in 2013 helped to get world attention and played a critical role in pushing the UN to launch investigation on Sri Lanka’s crimes against humanity.

This meeting is to discuss about the importance of Mr. Callum Macrae’s new project which require our support and also to introduce Hiding the Elephant book.

‘No Fire Zone’ impact distribution project summary:

Web link:

“It is of also vital importance that the change of government in Sri Lanka is not used as an excuse by the international community to drop the pressure over impunity in Sri Lanka. That is one of the main aims of this new film – and this new project.”

Note: All the contribution for ‘No Fire Zone’ Kick Starter project should be made directly via the above web link. OTA does not collect any funds, but will only inform and encourage members of the community to support and pledge directly.

‘Sri Lanka: Hiding the Elephant’ book summary:

Author: Mr. Ramu Manivannan
Web Link: https://www.facebook.com/hidingtheelephant

Mr. Manivannan is Professor and Chair at the Department of Politics and Public Administration, School of Politics and International Studies, University of Madras and his 976-page book, a comprehensive narrative on the genocidal war in Sri Lanka, has reproduced vital documents.

Note: Book is not for sale at the event.

Admission is free. All are welcome to come and learn more.

Ottawa Tamil Association

February 15 – Awareness campaign to raise support for No Fire Zone 2015 impact distribution

April 28 – Meet and greet with MP Patrick Brown

You are invited to attend a meet and greet event on Tuesday, April 28th in Ottawa with MP Patrick Brown, who is running for Ontario PC leadership.

Date and Time: Tuesday, April 28th 2015 at 7:30 PM – 9:00 PM
Venue: OTACT hall, 1A Caesar Ave, Nepean, On, K2G 0A8 (Google maps: https://goo.gl/maps/W03TT)

MP Patrick is well known among Tamil Canadian community for his consistent open voice for Human Rights and Justice for Genocide of Tamils in SL.

In 2009, when thousands of Eelam Tamils were killed and many thousands confined in concentration camps, Patrick tried to visit the camps to ensure safety of Tamils but Sri Lankan government denied visa.

He made several efforts including visiting Geneva for speeches and advocacy, hosting ‘UK Channel 4 – Sri Lanka’s Killing Field’ documentary at parliament, made several media interviews and help organizing and taking part in several conferences in order to highlight Genocide of Eelam Tamils by Sri Lanka. He has been and continue to be an advocate for accountability and justice for victims of war crimes and crimes against humanity.

Patrick, as a lawyer, councilor, member of parliament for two terms, community and human rights activist, marathon runner, and hockey player ( http://www.tamilsforpatrick.ca/) served Canadians for 15 years. He is very capable, highly energetic, frank and honest leader and running for OntarioPC leadership.

Existing Ontario PC members, potential new members and supporters of Patrick for win campaign from the community are invited to attend this meet and greet event.


Ottawa Tamil Association
Contact: info@ottawatamilassociation.ca

June 25 – Meeting with Liberal Candidate Ms. Anita Vandenbeld and campaign fundraising

Meeting with Liberal Candidate Ms. Anita Vandenbeld and Campaign Fundraising

Date and Time: Thursday, June 25th 2015 at 7:00 PM – 8:30 PM
Venue: Ms. Anita’s campaign office at 373 Poulin Ave. (Close to Carling Ave & Richmond Rd)

Ms Anita Vandenbeld well known for her consistent open voice for Human Rights. She has many years of experience with United Nations.

In 2009, thousands of Eelam Tamils were killed and many thousands confined in concentration camps, Canadian Tamils still seeking justice for the war crimes, crimes against humanity and Genocide.

Ms. Anita is committed to finding ways of making political processes more inclusive, more representative, and more accessible for everyone. If elected, her goal is to act as a true spokesperson for local concerns, ensuring that all constituents in Ottawa West-Nepean are heard.

Born and raised in Alberta, Anita obtained her undergraduate degree at the University of Calgary before moving on to complete a Master’s degree and all PhD course requirements in Canadian Politics and Constitutional History at York University. She lives in Ottawa West-Nepean with her husband Don Dransfield and step-daughter Courtney.

It is a good opportunity for Tamil Community to meet and talk with Ms. Anita.

Political donations are 75% tax deductible**. It means that if you donate $100 for Anita’s campaign, you will get $75 back regardless of your income. A donation is not required to attend this event. However a donation affordable by you towards Ms Anita’s campaign for re-election is appreciated. In case if you cannot attend the event, you can still donate to her campaign. Please contact info@ottawatamilassociation.ca for additional details. Please note that donations can only be made via cheque payable to “OWNFLA”.


Ottawa Tamil Association
Contact: info@ottawatamilassociation.ca

July 28 – Meeting with MP Rathika Sitsabaiesan