Event Summary Information session about United Nation’s investigation on Sri Lanka – Oct 7, 2014

Event Summary Information session about United Nation’s investigation on Sri Lanka – Oct 7

The information session started at 8:30 PM at Walter Baker center with the participation of around 60 Ottawa residence. Materials – flyers, documents, and guides – related to United Nations investigation and seeking for justice for Tamils were placed in one table for the participants to pick up and read. In the one hour event, there was a 30 minutes presentation followed by a speech by Mr. John Argue,  from Amnesty International.
The session started with presentation of reasons for seeking justice for Sri Lanka’s war crimes and crimes against humanity, Ottawa Tamils past efforts to seek justice, UN’s reactions and resolutions from 2009 to 2014. All the major Canadian Tamil / Human right organizations such as CHRV, CTC, CWVHR, NCCT, Tamil Elders for HR contacted and many responded keenly for the presentation slides request. Their presentation slides were presented at the event. 

CWVHR slides presents the importance and details of evidence collection, the UN investigation framework and limitations and details of how individuals can reach them. NCCT slides presents the conferences they held around the world, support provided to affected people and plan to continue the genocide investigations. Tamil Canadian Elders for HR presents their efforts to reach out to embassies and raising awareness among Tamils. TGTE presents details of ICPPG (International Center for the Prevention and Prosecution of Genocide) efforts, collecting evidence, media efforts, and legal proceedings.
Mr. John Argue in his speech explained the challenges of seeking justice and promoting human rights. He further explained the difficulties Amnesty International faced with Sri Lanka when trying to promote human rights. He further mentioned what the potential outcomes could be and the long term necessity for prevailing justice and human rights.